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Article: Understanding Constipation When Taking Clay
by Perry A~ Arledge

Understanding constipation when taking clayMany people when taking clay, experience constipation problems which are not due directly to the clay but rather the result of the clay cleansing old putrefied fecal matter that has lodged in the colon and is hindering the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Eventually when taking clay the old plugs of matter that clog up the elimination canal are pulled loose to be discharged by the body. This is what causes the constipation. The primary reason for this build up is our eating habits.
For constipation problems, I would suggest you cut out white enriched flour products like bread, crackers and pasta and increase raw fruits and raw vegetables. Lots of raw greens. Maybe a vegetable/fruit smoothie.
Eliminate red meat and go very easy on lean chicken and fish for at least a week and see what happens. Get some enzyme supplements to take before meals make sure you are getting good digestion. Your problem has nothing to do with the clay. It is what I call gut wad.
It is important to have your fruits at the beginning of the meal for best results. After a meal, sweet fruits are almost guaranteed to lead to putrefied fermentation in the gut. We don't get near enough raw greens in our diet. 
In addition do not drink liquids ten minutes before your meals and wait an hour afterwards to eat or drink anything. We dilute our digestive juices and most of our food goes undigested in a clump into the lower colon. This wastes good nutrients and plugs up the lower colon.
Chewing the food well is equally important to the process as well as the act of chewing secrets enzymes in the saliva that start the breakdown of the food process in the mouth.
In addition you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water. So you weight 150 divide by 2 = 75. You should drink 75 ounces of a good purified filtered water a day.
Now the ball is in your court. You will know when you are there by remembering that a healthy poop floats.  

Perry A~ Arledge is the author of Calcium Bentonite Clay Nature's Pathway to Healing ( and numerous clay articles ( She is a frequent guest on health talk radio shows. She is dedicated to spreading the word about clay's healing potential and putting attention on safe healing with Bentonite Clay.  She is available for lectures, radio interviews, and answering questions on clay therapy. Perry A~ can be reached at 1-512-773-0335 and © 2015 Perry A~  



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