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Article: The Mystery and Miracle of Calcium Bentonite Clay
by Carol at Cranio Works

Mystery and MiracleI recently read the book Living Clay Nature's Own Miracle Cure by Perry Arledge.  Having used clay, mud and the like for my beauty regimen for decades, I thought I knew a lot about it but I was wrong: I knew only the tip of the iceberg.  For instance, did you know that you can eat clay!! Yes, I said eat it. Well not any clay but calcium bentonite clay in particular. What's more, people have apparently been eating it for centuries and getting some of the best health they've ever experienced. You may have been using this same clay without even knowing about it as it is often used in medications, supplements, cosmetics, soaps and more. Learning about the clay gave me an idea about using it to work with my auto-immune system, which has been giving me quite a lot to do in the last several years. I learned that calcium bentonite clay works well on open wounds, boils, and internal infections but I didn't find much specific information with regard to auto immune disorders. So while I continued my research, I ordered some from Living Clay Co. and tried it for myself.

Mystery, Miracle or Both?

Throughout nature we have found that many substances hold a magnetic charge and calcium bentonite clay is no exception. Derived from volcanic ash, it is actually a nano crystal of highly charged negative electromagnetic energy.  So what is the mystery? The clay seemingly acts as an adaptogenic compound for our bodies, going where it needs to go and doing what it needs to do unlike any other substance. What clay does is draw to itself (adsorb) and absorb positively charged substances like heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, chemical waste, etc. The clay doesn't differentiate between the positive ions to which it  attaches:  it simply seeks it out the positive ion; bonds to it and then absorbs it.

For example, let's say you have a virus and you want to use the clay to help in the healing process. You can mix up some clay and water and drink it down or soak in a clay bath. The clay, with its strong negative ionic charge and mineral composition, will seek out, surround and bind with the positively charged ions of the virus and any other positive ions and effectively absorb it into itself. Through the process of absorption, the combination of trapped ions undergoes a chemical change within the clay molecule and then enters into the spaces between the clay's inner structures.

By surrounding and drawing the virus up into the clay molecule, the clay effectively cuts the virus off from its source of nutrition (you!) and renders it useless. At this point the virus typically dies but what's even better is that the clay will contain the virus and carry it out of your system. Moreover, because of its electromagnetic energy, the clay actually stimulates circulation which in turn stimulates cellular and tissue repair. And that my friends, is a miraculous mystery.

Calcium Bentonite Clay for Healing What Ails You

The use of clay for healing has actually been well documented for centuries. In fact there are 6,000 years of documented history! According to Perry Arledge "between 3500-150 A.D., physician/priests treated over 300 documented ailments in the same fashion as is recommended today". More recently, it was documented that "Mahatma Gandhi imported thousands of tons of the French Green Clay to India to cure intestinal ailments and overcome constipation."  There are literally dozen upon dozen of uses listed in the book and it covers everything from abrasions to weight loss. But all of this information is from just one source and there are many more.  I even found a segment about calcium bentonite clay on the Discovery Channel touting the benefits for astronaut's that calcium is so absorbable by the body that it keeps the astronauts from getting osteoporosis while in space. Who knew astronauts got osteoporosis from space travel?

How did it work for me?

I realize that my use of the clay has not been scientifically based and has been somewhat limited but let me say this: I feel better and there is no mystery about it.

After one month, my skin feels luxurious and looks better than it has in at least a decade. My inflammation has calmed. My allergic rashes from food and environment have been reduced by at least 50%. My sinuses are clear and I'm breathing easily despite my allergy season kicking into high gear. And most importantly, I don't ache every minute of every day. Yes, I'm still experiencing some autoimmune discomfort but I do feel better overall and I intend to keep on using the clay. I've suggested it to several friends and family members and they've all enjoyed it. I'm actually buying several of their sample gift bags to give as gifts for the holiday season.

Your partner in health,





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