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Article: A Solution for Pressure Sores and Diabetic Ulcers
by Perry A~ Arledge

Location of pressure soresPressure Ulcers and Diabetic Ulcers are a serious problem for our elderly bed ridden population.  Weak and immobile pressure points develop in areas that support most of the body's weight and the constant pressure cuts off the flow of oxygen rich blood to the area necessary for healthy skin and tissues repair.

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Bedsores (pressure ulcers), also known as pressure sores or decubitus ulcers, result from prolonged pressure that cuts off the blood supply to the skin, causing the skin and other tissue to die. The damage may occur in as little time as 12 hours of pressure, but it might not be noticed until days later when the skin begins to break down. The skin is especially likely to develop pressure sores if it is exposed to rubbing (friction) and moving the skin in one direction and the body in another (shear), as in sliding down when the bed head is raised. Dampness (such as from perspiration or incontinence) makes the skin even more liable to develop pressure sores.

The solution is calcium Bentonite clay straight from Mother Earth's Pharmacy. So what is this clay and how can it help? Bentonite clay evolved from volcanic ash. In other words it is the core of Mother Earth with all the impurities burnt out. Nothing is left but tightly bound trace minerals with a strong electromagnetic charge that resonates to stimulate circulation, blood flow and oxygen to rebuild damaged tissues and cellular repair. Clays have a strong negative ionic charge and are considered a very powerful drawing agent. It is a catalyst that works with the body. It works with the body to bring about balance and equilibrium.

It is a natural detoxing and cleansing agent. It draws toxins, viruses, molds, fungus, chemicals, heavy metals and even pesticides and poisons from the body through internal and external means.  The beauty of clay is that it hold and binds what it draws and carries it out of the body. The cleansing effect is very gentle yet it can pull out old dried fecal matter that has lodged in the colon that hinders the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and even medications. In addition it will draw out many parasites and carry them out of the body.

Topically clay's drawing power pulls blood flow, circulation and oxygen necessary to heal ulcer wounds. Clay can and has stopped many needless amputations from diabetic ulcers.  Most women have had a clay facial and experienced the firming and tightening as the clay dries and pulls out impurities and removes the dead skin cells revealing a soft and glowing skin.

Pressure ulcers can be treated two ways. As a poultice or just apply the dry powder clay directly on the wound several times a day.

An important fact to know about clay is that all clays are different in their mineral composition and what they will accomplish. Since most clays have been used for commercial purposes  they may not be a pure clean grade. For information on selecting a clay, read the article Criteria for Selecting a Quality Healing Clay.

Perry A~ Arledge is the author of Calcium Bentonite Clay Nature's Pathway to Healing ( and numerous clay articles ( She is a frequent guest on health talk radio shows. She is dedicated to spreading the word about clay's healing potential and putting attention on safe healing with Bentonite Clay.  She is available for lectures, radio interviews, and answering questions on clay therapy. Perry A~ can be reached at 1-512-773-0335 and © 2015 Perry A~  



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