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Article: Calcium Bentonite Clay - Safe Protection from Environmental Toxins 
by Cheryl McCoy

Protect yourself from environmental toxins with clayDuring the past few months, there has been an outbreak of reports of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and toxins being found in our water supply, our food, our air, our soil-- just about everything we come in contact with it seems.  But, armed with the proper information, there's no reason to live in a state of fear.  Of course, measures must be taken to remove these harmful substances from our eco-system, but until that dream becomes a reality, you can protect yourself and your loved ones with calcium Bentonite clay.  Used both externally and internally, calcium Bentonite clay safely removes toxins from your system 

What are we up against?

Here are just a few samples of the reports that have surfaced recently:

The CDC announced that traces of a chemical used in rocket fuel were found in samples of powdered baby formula, and could exceed what's considered a safe dose for adults if mixed with water also contaminated with the ingredient. The study by scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked for the chemical, perchlorate, in different brands of powdered baby formula.  The chemical has turned up in several cities' drinking water supplies. (

Natural News recently reported on a study conducted by Baylor University researcher Bryan Brooks, and published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, that examined fish caught near Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia and Orlando, testing them for residues of pharmaceuticals. The results showed that these fish are contaminated with a chemical cocktail of seven different prescription medications, including cholesterol drugs, blood pressure drugs, allergy drugs and psychiatric medications used to treat bipolar disorder and depression, and two different chemicals used as artificial fragrance in soaps.  (

USA Today recently reported on a new study finding that young children have high levels of chemical fire retardants in their blood.  The report stated "Toddlers and preschoolers had levels of the chemicals that were on average three times higher than their mothers', according to a study of 20 families by the Environmental Working Group, which has campaigned against the chemicals for several years. The chemicals, called polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs, are widely used in televisions, remote controls, computers, mattresses and other products. Scientists are concerned that the chemicals cause brain damage in animals and may cause hyperactivity in children, says Jimmy Roberts, a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics' committee on environmental health. Doctors also are concerned that the chemicals affect the reproductive organs and hormone systems." (

These same chemicals are showing up in high amounts in the breast milk of American mothers. Two studies found that all of the women tested were contaminated with polybrominated diphenyl ethers. Their PBDE levels were the highest in the world: 10 to 20 times higher than those in Europe, where the chemicals are being phased out. (

Last year, an article in the Washington Post (Area Tap Water Has Traces of Medicines) warned that trace amounts of 6 popular prescription drugs had been found in the area's drinking water, and that these harmful substances could not be filtered out by most treatment systems.  This was not an isolated incident.  According to the article, "Pharmaceuticals, along with trace amounts of caffeine, were found in the drinking water supplies of 24 of 28 metropolitan areas tested."  Although experts agree that aquatic life are most at risk from exposure to the drugs in rivers and streams, researchers are concerned about what they don't know about human health effects.

Bottle water is evidently not the answer.  Natural News recently reported ( that bottled water from across the country contained a wide variety of toxic substances, according to laboratory tests conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). "Our tests strongly indicate that the purity of bottled water cannot be trusted," the study authors write.  Researchers conducted comprehensive tests at the renowned University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory on 10 leading bottled water brands, purchased from retailers in nine states and the District of Columbia (D.C.). A total of 38 toxic pollutants were detected altogether, with each brand containing an average of eight. Chemicals detected included fluoride, byproducts of chlorine-based disinfection, caffeine, pharmaceutical drugs, fertilizer residue, plasticizers, solvents, fuel propellants, arsenic, other minerals and heavy metals, and radioactive isotopes. Four brands also contained bacteria.

There is a safe and easy way to protect yourself from these horrifying contaminants -- calcium bentonite clay.  According to Michel Abeshera, author of The Healing Clay, "Clay has a remarkable resistance to chemical agents as a bacteria-destroying agent it can render contaminated water innocuous."

How does calcium bentonite clay work?

Bentonite clay carries a uniquely strong negative ionic charge which causes it to "magnetically" attract any substance with a positive ionic charge (i.e., bacteria, toxins, metals, etc.).  These substances are both adsorbed (sticking to the outside like Velcro) and absorbed (drawn inside) by the clay molecules.  Your body doesn't digest clay, so the clay passes through your system, collecting the toxins, and removing them as the clay is eliminated.  It's like a little internal vacuum cleaner.  In his book The Clay Cure, Ran Knishinsky states it this way: 

"The clay's immediate action upon the body is directly on the digestive channel.  This involves the clay actually binding with the toxic substances and removing them from the body with the stool.  It performs this job with every kind of toxin, including those from the environment, such as heavy metals, and those that occur naturally as by-products of the body's own health processes, such as metabolic toxins.  It's hard to believe that the body produces its own toxins, but that may happen as a result of stress, inefficient metabolism, or the proliferation of free radicals.  The body has no problem ridding itself of the clay.  Don't worry about a tiny brick house being built in the middle of your colon.  The clay assists the body's eliminatory process by acting as a bulking agent, similar to psyllium fiber, sweeping out the old matter that doesn't need to be there.  It is not digested in the same manner as food as it passes through the alimentary canal.  Instead, it stimulates intestinal peristalsis, the muscular contractions that move food and stool through the bowels.  The clay and the adsorbed toxins are both eliminated together; this keeps the toxins from being reabsorbed into the bloodstream.  Clay works on the entire organism.  No one part of the body is left untouched by its healing energies.  I don't know of another supplement that is quite as capable as clay of producing such a wide range of positive reactions."

How do we use the calcium bentonite clay?

In this day and age, there's virtually no way to isolate yourself from the toxins that surround us.  In our air, in our food, in the ground beneath our feet, and in our water, the contaminants abound.  However, with calcium bentonite clay, you can keep yourself healthy and vibrant. 

Perry A~, author of Calcium Bentonite Clay, Nature's Pathway to Healing, suggests the following protocol to keep yourself internally cleansed.  First, clay must be taken internally.  Take two ounces of liquefied clay twice a day made with 1 part dry powder calcium Bentonite clay to 8 parts water for 14 days.  After that, you can scale back to 1 ounce a day.  

Perry A~ also recommends taking clay baths twice a week.  Clay baths help keep your body cleansed by pulling toxins through the pores.  To prepare a clay bath, scatter about 2 cups of Bentonite clay powder into the bath water as it's running, and use your hands to swish away any lumps that might form.  A clay bath should last ideally between 15-20.  Submerge as much of your body as possible during the bath.  The more clay that is used in the therapy, the more powerful the response.

How do we choose the right clay?

There are many companies selling clay these days, but you need to know this: Not all clays are created equal!  Some clays should never be used externally, let alone internally.  You must do your due diligence and make certain that you are using a high quality, safe, healing clay.  According to an article published in Natural News (, the following standards should be followed when choosing a good quality detoxing clay:

*A natural calcium Bentonite clay pure and free of contaminants.
*A pH of 8.7 or above.
*From a company that provides a mineral analysis sheet.
*From a company that provides a certified laboratory microbial test.
*A Montmorillonite-Smectite Clay that Absorbs and Adsorb.
*So pure it is odorless and tasteless.
*It is an all natural vs. processed clay.
*Has professional packaging (no Ziploc bags or hand-written labels) with labels showing directions and ingredients.
*A non-gritty clay
*From a company that gives you direct contact information - a phone number, physical address and an e-mail address.
*From a company available to answer questions about their clay.
*From a reliable company that has been in business for several years.
*A clay that does not stain material.



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Cheryl McCoy has been researching and studying the healing benefits of clay since 2003 She has worked extensively with clay expert Perry A~ Arledge, and is the co-owner of the Apex Bentonite Clay company. She can be reached at



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